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Probate and Estate Planning Attorneys in Gresham

Planning for the future and ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of after you pass away is at the heart of elder law. It's about making thoughtful decisions and designating trusted individuals to carry out your wishes.

One crucial aspect of this planning is creating a Will, which serves as a clear guide for your family and friends on how you want your assets to be distributed. Whether you need assistance in setting up your Will or navigating the Probate process, our experienced attorneys, Nathan Begley and Andres Martinez, are here to provide you with the guidance and support you need.

"Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate."
Ambrose Bierce

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Gresham, Oregon Probate: Streamlining the Process During a Difficult Time

Losing a loved one is a deeply emotional experience. The legal and financial complexities of Gresham, Oregon probate shouldn't add to your burden.


At Good Advice Law, our compassionate Gresham probate attorneys understand the challenges families face during this difficult time. Our goal is to simplify and expedite the probate process for you.

We will provide understanding and supportive guidance through every step, ensuring all legal requirements are met in Gresham, Oregon.


Our experienced attorneys will act as your trusted advisors, protecting your interests and advocating for you throughout the probate process.

We are committed to making this process in Gresham, Oregon as efficient, clear, and seamless as possible. Our team will handle all the complexities of probate, allowing you to focus on healing and spending time with loved ones.

Here are some additional keywords you might find helpful for probate in Gresham, Oregon:

  • Oregon Intestate Succession: If there is no will.

  • Gresham Probate Administration: The legal process of settling an estate.

  • Personal Representative in Gresham: The person appointed by the court to oversee the probate process.

  • Estate Assets and Liabilities in Gresham: Identifying and valuing assets and debts.

  • Beneficiary Notification in Gresham: Notifying inheritors of their bequests.

  • Debt Repayment in Gresham: Using estate assets to pay outstanding debts.

  • Estate Distribution in Gresham: Distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries according to the will or Oregon intestate succession laws.

We hope this information helps. Please don't hesitate to contact Good Advice Law for a consultation with our experienced Gresham probate attorneys.


Secure Your Future and Protect Your Loved Ones with Gresham Elder Law & Estate Planning

Facing the future with confidence requires thoughtful planning. At Good Advice Law, our experienced Gresham elder law attorney Nathan Begley is dedicated to helping you navigate important decisions. Whether you need assistance with Will preparation, navigating probate complexities, or crafting a comprehensive estate plan, we offer the legal guidance and support you deserve in Gresham, Oregon.

We specialize in elder care planning, Medicaid planning, asset protection strategies, and ensuring your wishes are carried out.


Power of Attorney 


Safeguard Your Finances with a Gresham, Oregon Power of Attorney Attorney

Empower a Trusted Agent to Manage Your Finances with a Power of Attorney

A Gresham, Oregon Power of Attorney is a crucial legal document that grants a designated individual, called your agent or attorney-in-fact, the authority to manage your finances and make key decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.


This powerful tool offers peace of mind, ensuring your financial well-being is protected even when you cannot manage it yourself.

Here's how a Gresham Power of Attorney Attorney at Good Advice Law can help:

  • Draft a customized Power of Attorney: We tailor the document to your specific needs, outlining the scope of authority granted to your agent.

  • Ensure clarity and precision: Our experienced attorneys ensure the Power of Attorney is legally sound and clearly communicates your wishes.

  • Address different scenarios: 

  • We can create a durable Power of Attorney that remains valid even if you become incapacitated.

  • Provide ongoing support: We answer your questions and guide you through the entire process.

Advance Directive


Grant Control and Peace of Mind: Gresham Power of Attorney Attorney

Facing incapacity can be a stressful thought.


A Gresham Power of Attorney empowers you to designate a trusted individual, your agent, to manage your finances and make critical decisions on your behalf if needed. Good Advice Law's Gresham Power of Attorney attorneys can guide you through this essential planning step, ensuring your financial well-being is protected.

Here's how our Gresham Power of Attorney services benefit you:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your finances are in trusted hands allows you to focus on recovery or simply enjoy life with confidence.

  • Customized Power of Attorney: We tailor the document to your specific needs, outlining the precise range of authority granted to your agent.

  • Clarity and Precision: Our experienced attorneys ensure the Power of Attorney is legally sound and clearly communicates your wishes, avoiding future complications.

  • Durable Power of Attorney: We can create a document that remains valid even if you become incapacitated.

  • Ongoing Support: We answer your questions, address your concerns, and guide you through the entire process.

Conservatorship & Guardianship 

Gresham, Oregon Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorney: Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Making decisions for loved ones who can no longer manage their affairs can be a complex and emotional challenge. Good Advice Law's Gresham guardianship and conservatorship attorneys can help you navigate these legal paths and ensure the well-being of those you care about.

Understanding the Difference:

  • Gresham Guardianship:

    • Grants authority to make personal and medical care decisions for an incapacitated adult.

    • Ideal for situations where individuals cannot make sound choices regarding basic health and safety.

    • Keywords: Gresham guardianship attorney, Oregon incapacitated adult care, Gresham medical decision-making, Gresham personal care decisions.

  • Gresham Conservatorship:

    • Grants authority to manage the financial affairs, property, and assets of someone unable to handle their finances.

    • Often used for individuals struggling with financial decisions, targeted by scams, or facing financial obligations.

    • Keywords: Gresham conservatorship attorney, Oregon financial management for incapacitated adults, Gresham asset protection, Gresham financial exploitation protection.

Benefits of Guardianship and Conservatorship:

  • Protection for Vulnerable Adults: These legal tools safeguard individuals who may be unable to manage certain aspects of their lives.

    • Keywords: Gresham vulnerable adult protection, Gresham elder care planning

  • Support and Guidance: Guardians and conservators provide essential support and ensure responsible decision-making on behalf of the individual.

    • Keywords: Gresham guardianship services, Gresham conservatorship services, Gresham incapacitated person care

When to Consider Guardianship or Conservatorship:

If you have a loved one who is struggling with decision-making or requires protection, consulting with a Gresham guardianship and conservatorship attorney is essential.


We can help you determine the most appropriate legal path to ensure their well-being.

Contact Good Advice Law today for a consultation.

Burial Instructions


In the event that you have concerns about your next of kin's ability to fulfill your final wishes, having clear instructions for the disposition of your remains can provide valuable guidance. Whether you have specific burial instructions or preferences for how your remains should be handled, these instructions ensure that your wishes are respected and carried out accordingly.

Beneficiary Designation


Designating beneficiaries on your bank accounts, life insurance policies, retirement benefits, and other assets can potentially allow you to bypass the probate process entirely, depending on the nature and value of your assets.

Gresham Living Trust Attorney: Streamline Your Estate Planning and Protect Your Legacy

A Gresham Living Trust is a powerful estate planning tool that offers a multitude of benefits. At Good Advice Law, our experienced Gresham trust attorneys can guide you through the process of creating a living trust, ensuring your wishes are met and your legacy is protected.

What is a Living Trust?

A living trust is a legal arrangement where you transfer ownership of your assets (such as property, investments, or bank accounts) to a trust.


You, the grantor, designate a trusted individual, the trustee, to manage those assets for your benefit during your lifetime and then distribute them according to your wishes after you pass away. You can even choose to be the trustee yourself while you are still capable.

Benefits of a Gresham Living Trust:

  • Avoid Probate: Living trusts can potentially help your assets bypass probate, saving time and money for your beneficiaries.

    • Keywords: Gresham probate avoidance, Oregon probate attorney

  • Maintain Control: You retain the ability to modify or revoke the trust during your lifetime, ensuring flexibility in your planning.

  • Successor Trustee: Appoint a trusted individual to manage the trust upon your incapacity or death.

  • Manage Assets for Beneficiaries: Outline how your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries after your passing.

  • Protect Assets: Certain types of trusts can offer asset protection from creditors or future nursing home care costs.

Who Needs a Gresham Living Trust?

A Gresham living trust can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to streamline their estate planning and ensure their wishes are followed. Whether you have a complex estate, young children, or simply want to avoid probate, our Gresham trust attorneys can help you determine if a living trust is right for you.

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