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In Oregon, there is an opportunity for eligible veterans to receive a dignified burial with military honors. Traditionally, this solemn ceremony includes the folding and presentation of the American flag to the veteran's next of kin, accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful sound of Taps. To honor their sacrifice and service, an honor guard detail, consisting of two members of the Armed Forces, carries out this heartfelt tribute. One of these members, a representative from the branch in which the veteran served, personally presents the flag as a symbol of their dedication.


There are additional ways to pay tribute to our veterans, by acknowledging the duty, honor, and patriotism they exemplify. In addition to the traditional ceremony, a poignant three-volley rifle salute serves as a powerful symbol of respect and gratitude. Furthermore, there is an option of draping the U.S. flag over the casket, providing a final and heartfelt tribute. As the solemn ceremony concludes, a final salute is tendered at the gravesite, expressing deep appreciation for their unwavering service and sacrifice.

In addition, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) goes above and beyond to honor the memory of veterans worldwide and their eligible dependents who are laid to rest in national, state, or military cemeteries. The VA extends a certificate signed by the president, as well as commemorative headstones and markers, as a heartfelt tribute. In cases where the remains of an eligible veteran are not available for burial, the VA offers a plot and a headstone or marker in a national cemetery for memorialization. For those who opt for burial in a VA national cemetery, our comprehensive service includes a gravesite, the opening and closing of the grave, a grave box, and ongoing care to maintain the pristine condition of the resting place. Detailed information regarding eligibility for reimbursement of burial expenses, as well as the various levels of potential reimbursement, is readily accessible.

At our firm, we recognize that honoring our veterans extends beyond the ceremonial aspect. That is why we are committed to assisting you in seamlessly incorporating your specific wishes into your final burial plan.

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